Our company

  • 24 hours security guard.
  • Over 20 cameras with DVR, for electronic surveillance 24/7
  • Room for over 500 trailers and fifteen acres of paved and fenced area.
  • Room for over 50 cars for employees and visitors.
  • Five buildings with over 45,000 square feet for storage.
  • 24 acres to develop in the near future.
  • Open continually for over 48 years.
  • Two trucks depot, Main Office, Arecibo and Ports Area, San Juan.
  • SAP Computer Software for trailer control and accounting precision.
  • Comply with all government requirements regarding transportation, such as:
    • Hazardous Materials Permit
    • Non Hazardous Materials Permit
    • EPA Certified
    • USDOT Registered Carrier
    • Permit for Explosives Transportation
    • MC-90 an Pollution Insurance Endorsements
    • CSP Permit for 60 units
    • Certified as a Minority Business
  • Maintenance building for in house repairs to our fleet.
  • Our own deep well that provides enough water to supply the anti-fire system in case of emergency.
  • Power generator to support all areas and buildings.
  • Private tanks for diesel fuel with over 13,000 gallons capacity
Locations & Facilities: San Juan Terminal

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